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D.J. Williams

I'm not going to get upset at the staff if Thomas and Kirkland go to FSU or Ark. I was upset before I learned information as to what was going on. Piece of **** Ice is steering the kids away because he's still pissed off that his boy Randy got fired and more importantly that Al fired him from his cushy administrative position. So now he is steering his kids to FSU....and d-bags like Luke are cheering on Twitter when a kid like Collins goes elsewhere and they are openly contradicting the kid's parents just to embarass the university.

There is a group of renegade thugs and we need to freeze them out. Golden has made good relationships with 90% of the local coaches. Its those 10% that are making everything a racial issue thats a problem. Freeze BTW out, as well as Miami Central. Ice is pissed off that when Kirkland had his second meeting with the staff, they totally cut him out and went straight to the family. That's right b****, there is going to be massive retaliation on BTW for stunt pulling. No one is going to get a scholarship for awhile, not even Treon Harris.

This is a war on terror, take out the trash, Al. Pure terrorism, plain and simple. Destroy them. They're ****ing terrorists and they need to be eradicated.

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