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What i am asking peace is do you at least understand why the NRA fights so hard on every issue? its because they know the gun control crowd wants so much more then that. So you fight every issue to sap up the oppositions resources and time.

Immigration control, tax reform, N korea/Iran nuclear expansion, bad relationship with Russia, and a Palestinian still needed some sort of attention from Obama. Egypt a mess, Syria a mess, Libya a mess...hell they make the random bombing in Iraq seem like vacation. Syrians are going on vacation to Baghdad to get away from it all lol.

The NRA knows all of that these guys are not stupid. They turn 5 million members into a lot of money and use it well. They will target vulnerable dems and the vulnerable ones dont want to deal with too much NRA money going against them.

I think Obama only has so long to fight about guns. The NRA will fight tooth and nail right now on every issue to water down the final bill or outright defeat anything, leaving Obama to executive orders that could be overturned by Supreme Court if they went to far. In the end Obama is going to want to move on IMO.
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