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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I could handle that for guns. You have a valid passport, you go through a metal detector into the gun shop. It takes a few hours as they verify you aren't a felon in a database, then you buy your gun and walk out.

Going through airport security takes a couple hours at the most in my experience. Are you saying that is about what you want for people to have to wait to get their guns?

I heard one liberal on the radio saying if it takes 3 months to do a proper background check then a person should have to wait 3 months to buy a gun.

do you agree with that liberal? Would you consider a 3 month waiting period to be acceptable to check someones background?
BG checks are only 3 days,5 minutes if its a rifle. even the head of the NRA supported closing gun show loop holes & 100% BG checks. of course it was no problem then after columbine,but now after newtown its a problem.

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