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Lamin Barrow

My Paternal grandparents: A dairy farmer and a rail worker
My Maternal grandparents: Cotton farmers.

We still have my grandmother's cotton farm down near Ralls, Texas, but we lease it out right now to a corporate farm. My maternal grandfather grew up in Clovis, New Mexico where his dad owned a gas station... until they bought a cotton farm outside Lawton, Oklahoma (hometown of JD Walton) until leaving for Army OCS. Sam Bradford from the Rams is a distant cousin, BTW.

My Paternal grandfather was a hardworking Lutheran-Swede who moved to Cheyenne, WY from Wisconsin to work on the railroad, he enjoyed a cigarette and a glass of whiskey after a 16 hour day (what eventually killed him), and stood on my Dad's school board, and on the city council (yes, as a Republican)....

My Paternal grandmother grew up on dairy farm in between Trinidad and Pueblo, Colorado. It's still there though someone else owns it. She had no heat or running water, and her one-room elementary school is now abandoned.

I still literally get a little choked up watching that Dodge commercial.

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