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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i gotta say, i was pissed that we gave up a unprotected first for Varly. mostly due to my thinking that he could have been had for a couple of seconds instead.
but his play and abilities have me very happy that we cough up the prospect/pick and got the player.

the Caps have to stop overvaluing their prospects and trying to bleed blood from a stone on trades. they will have to either go all in or stay mediocre.
All Ted cares about is the "generational" BS which is what it is. He's perfectly happy getting to the playoffs and feeding the kool aid to the sheep and believe me there are a lot of dumb caps fans who follow blindly. Of course, he is being exposed more and more and some are starting to see the light which is refreshing.

For example, Ted would rather sell Carlson, Laich and Neuvirth as "young guns" for the next 10 years to the fan base rather than go all in when the caps have the team and send those guys back in 2010 for Pronger.

Still too many "rock the red" types that believe every word he says.

This is the same guy who said: As long as we are making the playoffs and selling out, why would I get rid of Mcphee?

All the guy cares about is pocketing the revenue. He's a big, fat liar

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