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I'm not saying that we won't have future costs from the wars i am sure we will but Obama hasn't spent any money on future costs so he can't blame them for any of his economic debt. he's piling it up because his economy stinks and he spends too much money. Mostly though he's piling up debt because the economy stinks. He continues to support energy policies that hurt big industry. he continues to support policies that thwart things like oil pipelines, rare earth mining. His tax policies are dubious at best and his tax on medical device makers is very controversial. Already its costing jobs in America.

Obamacare smacking small business right in the face. In my hometown they thought they would pass a tax on hotels over 100 rooms. They did this buy saying if you have over 100 rooms you have to a minimum of 12 bucks an hour to your fulltime employees.

in the last couple months 4 hotels that ran in the 125 to 150 room just closed down to 99 and laid people off. The poor workers were out picketing one place not really understanding it was the voters who screwed them over. i couldn't believe it when it passed by my city is very liberal. In that same time they turned down an offer to rebuild this area by our waterfront because the builder wanted to go to high and they didn't want over so many stories. Straight turned down like a 300 million dollar project. That is liberals in action right there.
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