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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Well - at least we agree that a runaway greenhouse effect cannot cause vulcanism.
I didn't say it did. It does cause the surface of Venus to be very hot.

Originally Posted by mhgaffney
Where is the evidence that the surface of Venus is 300-600 million years old? This is the sort of thing W*gs does a lot. He makes a pronouncement -- and we are supposed to take it on faith.

No one has ever visited the surface of Venus. Nor do we have any rock samples. Therefor, there is not a scintilla of actual evidence for this claim. It is pure hokum -- something that Big Bang scientists are really good at.
Ever hear of impact crater analyses? I'll even help you out:

The Age of Planetary Surfaces: How Do We Discover It?

Read up on them before you keep making an ass of yourself.
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