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No, it's very hard, I agree. But many teams that are good and sustain that usually don't bring in players like Manning. Baltimore has been a good tough team for a long time. I just want our own version of Ozzie picking big, mean,and intelligent players at a great hit-pick rate.

Pittsburgh, NE Home grown talent.

If you need that one piece to get over the top then fine, but we paid a lot for Manning and we have many important contract issues coming up. Doesn't seem we are going to have a lot of room to build/add nice role players this offseason. We can't trot out this same team next year, we need to get better especially at MLB.
I agree there are needs but they aren't looking to make many big moves IMO. Vegas is not dumb and they pinned the broncos as favorites to win next years superbowl. I have complete faith in Russell and Sullivan. These guys know what they are doing in making the team better, while controlling that cap number.

When the TV contracts come in, the cap ceiling is going to skyrocket. Will be a HUGE increase. Some saying a 50 million or so jump.
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