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Bmore Manning

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I get the sense that people think 11 sacks is normal for a passrusher. Twenty teams did not have anyone with 11 sacks this season. Only 4 teams had 2 guys with 11. Getting 29.5 sacks out of 2 guys is nuts. No other team in the league came close to that.
Wait a second Chief. Considering the number of snaps Doom played, are you saying its far fetched to think a rookie could get 10 sacks or close to it in our scheme?

Maybe you should look at my post, I am not insinuating ridding of Doom, but I respectfully disagree that a pass rusher can't come in and contribute in our scheme.

Again playing Devils Advocate here..With that extra cap room, we could upgrade other positions to increase depth and effectiveness of the scheme. DT could be one of those positions..
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