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Why lightning produces x-rays...

This post is key for what will follow. It's vitally important to understand this.

One of the leading scientists who has been studying lightning is Joseph Dwyer. He works in Florida -- which has frequent lightning storms -- even in winter. Dwyer set up a really cool procedure.

He sends up small rockets into thunder storms. The rockets have a wire spool that unreels -- creating a lightning rod. The lightning travels back down the wire -- where he has instruments to study the lightning.

Some years back Dwyer discovered that lightning bolts generate x-rays.

The mechanism is now well understood. This is not mhgaffney talking -- this is mainstream science.

It's very simple: As lightning moves from the sky to the earth it passes through increasingly dense air - -- which causes resistance. The lightning slows down slightly.

As this happens -- according to the law of conservation of energy -- the lightning must release energy -- which it does by releasing x-rays.

My next post will make the jump to the next paradigm.

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