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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Pro bowls are generally a poor indicator - look at Jeff Saturday going this year even though he got benched the last half of the season because he was so bad. All-pro nominations on the other hand are an excellent indicator and 8 is just beastly.

Shields was more than anything the glue that held that power house Chiefs line together and even the most die hard Bronco fan will have to admit that it was the most dominant offensive line for a few years with Shields, Tait, Waters and Roaf. Roaf was good, but Shields was great - much like the Hutchinson and Walter Jones pair in the last years in Seattle.
I agree with this post entirely. I just don't like when everyone seems to unanimously hate the pro bowl process but still cite it as having some legitimacy. All pros are legitimate honors.

Shields, Hutch, and Foneco were all three decently known players but that, again, speaks to the nature of the guard. The truly elite are decently known while even punters and kickers are probably more recognizable names.
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