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Originally Posted by orinjkrush View Post
Is this what Tesla was tapping into? (Am willing to entertain new ideas.)
Yes, I believe Tesla was trying to tap into the free electricity that originates with the sun -- the same electricity that works its way down through the atmosphere as lightning.

Here's the tower he built on Long Island to download electricity from the ionosphere. Notice the array is pointed straight up -- not parallel with the surface of the earth like microwave antennae. This tends to refute the claim he was trying to transmit electricity from place to place via the atmosphere.

Tesla was a fabulously successful independent scientist. He received a fortune i royalties from his patented inventions -- especially AC/DC. But he sunk every dime he owned into this Long Island project. He ran out of cash before he was able to perfect it.

According to the story - Tesla went to his banker JP Morgan for a loan -- but Morgan turned him down. Morgan apparently learned that electricity was about to become too cheap to meter -- and decided to pull the plug. Tesla went broke and ended up living in a cheap hotel room. He died penniless.

Here is a photo of the tower he built. It was later repossessed and torn down.

Had Tesla succeeded we would now be driving hydrogen powered cars. We would live in a very different world.
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