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well sure - if you go guaranteed heavy and then light on the salary, you can stretch things out some and get some relief, but then when players under perform (or don't perform i.e. injury), that's how you end up with dead money on the books.

I don't think this FO likes playing that way, it really limits what you can do. Obviously, there will be some singing bonus and the numbers won't be quite as bleak as I had above, but not by far. What could we save with creative accounting off of the cap...a third? maybe $6M?

That would be $13M towards simply signing our own guys. Tack on $3M for rookies, adjust for the earned escalators, we are a couple mil over the $13M or $14M IAOFM thinks we have.

Simply signing our own guys leaves little room for future FA acquisitions, much less room to extend the core group of guys we have been building around.
That the way it is Clady will be looking at $30 million signing bonus that will be spread out through the life of the contract making his cap figure lower.
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