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Bmore Manning

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It's hard to hit when your picking in the high 20s. If we had a top 10 then I'd be more inclined in your approach here. IMO before he became a bronco manning saw the doom and miller combo and his eyes lighted up.

I don't really see the same thing some others do with dumervil. I believe he's one of the best weapons on our defense. He disrupts so many plays. Rivers can be heard screaming his name in the middle of the night. Nightmares. I think his contract scares people but the worst of it is over. I wouldn't get rid of him at all. I would move him around a bit more. Like someone reported in here he's pretty good from the left.
I personally think Oakfor could come in and have 10 sacks as a rookie and he plays very well against the run. Now, there's certainly no guarantee that he's available at 28..

As far as Doom rushing from the Left, that's ok with me on obvious passing downs, but surely not during base downs. That completely compromises the scheme if you put Doom as SDE.
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