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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I don't think manning would want him replaced with a rookie that will need time to progress. Manning doesn't have much time left and its win now mode.
Let me play Devils Advocate here for a second.. Peyton would not say you cannot get rid of Doom. He's a player, he's not in personnel, he has to trust in these coaches to put the team in the best position to win. Now, I do think that if they traded Doom for picks and maybe got a player as well, and with that freed up cap space went and got a dynamic piece to add to the offense, that PM wouldn't have bitter feelings.

I like Doom, but.. It's not too far fetched to think that a rookie could come in, like an Oakfor/Anash in the first round, and produce 10 sacks, and actually provide more of a stronger run support presence..

That in no way means I'm implying we are or should get rid of Doom!
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