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I 100 percent agree with you that there was no one we could have picked up or kept from last year on the roster that would have had more success. But when people like me suggested keeping Tebow, it was to help build our team and then when we have a legit shot at a QB take him. ****, Alex Smith made the championship game last year and Flacco is a Superbowl Champion. If you insert a good QB onto a great team, he has a very good chance of building the confidence he needs and succeeding. IE Russell Wilson! With all the success of the new QB class it makes it clear you don't need the best QB in the game to win a Superbowl.

Trying to take shortcuts and buy championships usually doesn't work.
It's not that easy though. Take manning off this team and does it look the same? There are QBs that make teams better. Matt Flynn lead Seattle to the playoffs? IMO no. Alex smith goes to the superbowl? Nope. Flacco progressed this year. He's not an average QB. It's a passing league. I don't see an average QB audible into a 17 yard strike to Boldin on a crucial 3rd down and short. Kaep showed inexperience on that final redzone opp. An elite QB sees that blitz and throws it over the middle to Davis(who was open with a one on one). Instead Kaep keys in on Crabtree the entire time down there.

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