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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
“The regular season is great, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you do something in the playoffs with it. He had the same tag about him in college at Tennessee: ‘He couldn’t win the big one.’ The year after he left Tee Martin leads the team to the national championship.

“I realize (Manning) has won a Super Bowl, but he didn’t really play that well in that Super Bowl. It was kind of a rainy day against the Bears. And the next year he lost a Super Bowl where he threw a Pick-6 to the Saints. So I think there’s some concern there.”

“I think he puts so much pressure to be perfect all the time, and football is not a game of perfection. You have to roll with the mistakes, and overcome them and not let the pressure get to you. And I think that he puts so much pressure on himself that it affects him in the playoffs.”

Seems to me there were conversations like this back in January 1997 about another QB.
John had taken 3 teams to the SB by then and lost. Plus... John didn't go into the playoffs numerous time with the best team to go 1 and done 8 different times. Plus.... there is still the no QB has won another SB with a different team stat. Here is hopping PM is the one to do that first, but he does have a very lousy playoff history.
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