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I agree with everything but the Manning issue.

Anyone here honestly believe we would have gone 13-3 and gotten the first seed with another QB? I understand the logic behind "Manning chokes in the playoffs," but does anyone believe the Broncos would have had the same success with anyone but a handful of QB's?

I am significantly concerned about the O-line. As a matter of fact, I think that the O-line may have been the main culprit for our early exit from the playoffs. I trust Elway to address this in the offseason.

Also, our RB situation certainly doesn't fit the Fox "ball control" system. A young McGahee would be terriffic, but the current one just can't be counted on to last an entire season and lead us to the promised land. We need more blue chip talent on the line and in the RB corps.

I don't think Oline was the early exit reason. After Baltimore tied the game up that Oline and manning produced a 10 play 88 yard 4th quarter TD drive. That was a game winning drive. No choking there. Adams sealed that game winning drive with a 4th down pass defended. Other reasons such as a coach who's balls shriveled up or a UCLA alum who never learned to run to a ball were the culprit.

Totally agree about RB. injury prone backs don't help the cause either. Need quality backs that can be counted on to play entire games.

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