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I hear ya. But even assuming there is something to the Manning psyche that tends towards this kind of finish, the way to exorcise those demons is to look at 31 seconds and 2 timeouts up on the scoreboard, grab Peyton's facemask, tell him he's the ****ing greatest to ever play the game and go out there and ****ing prove it.

John Harbaugh shows 10x as much confidence in Joe FN Flacco. It's disgusting honestly. Here we go, I'm pissed again.
They called a run play after the spot ball challenge was won by the niners. It was 3rd and short and it was a run play. Flacco audibles into a 17 yard strike with full confidence in Boldin. Manning audibles passes into runs on 3rd downs alot this year. I don't understand that much.
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