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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
Along with Willie Roaf, Will Shields anchored the greatest offensive line in NFL history, that's right you heard it here first. Mid 2000's line =

T- Willie Roaf
G - Brian Waters
C - Casey Wigman
G - Will Shields
T - John Tait

That line was so good it made Trent Green and Priest Holmes - two terrible players, look like All Pros and carried a team leading the league in scoring with Eddy Kennifag as their best wideout.

If that line played in Dallas, all 5 would be first ballot hall of famers.
Ballsy argument, but a legitimate one. That line was punishing everybody everywhere. It looked like someone was blowing open defenses with a mack truck at times. Shields is a Chief, but he totally got snubbed here.
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