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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
I think we've got capable guys on the roster right now that could fill that spot - Hunter was apparently a stud last TC before he got hurt. Then there's Ayers and Malik Jackson.

It's my opinion that the DE opposite Doom is less important anyways, with Von playing mostly on that edge. all that DE needs to do is keep Von clean, and he will do his job.

It's also my understanding that DT is a tougher position to pick up in the NFL than DE is - more gap assignments, stunts, etc to pick up. That's why they had Wolfe playing the outside more in 2012, but the long-term plan on him is to transition him inside.

If we could have a starting line-up of Doom, Wolfe, Vickerson, and Ayers (or whomever) with Von Miller playing behind them in a joker type role - we could be a seriously awesome front 7 defensive team - depending on who we can find for MLB, of course.
I agree that MLB should be the number 1 priority to the off season. A good all around mike can keep Von Miller down around the line of scrimmage where he belongs. I would still like another disruptive threat on the line. Maybe Wolfe takes another step, maybe Hunter final got it, Ayers improves every year...but very slowly. I would really like one more guy that needs accounting and can screw up some of the blocking.
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