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My understanding is that both Dorsey and Reid will answer directly to Clark Hunt so I'm not 100% sure who has final say on drafts and FA's, etc. I'm pretty sure that all things being equal, Reid has the final say.

The thing about this coming draft is that Geno Smith has some similarities to one Donovan McNabb. Reid loved McNabb and I can see him pull the trigger on Geno Smith with the #1 pick. Geno may not be worth the #1 pick, that is, he may not be the best player available with the #1 pick but does kc really have a choice? I guess they can trade down and try to pick up a QB later but that's a pretty big gamble. They have to first find a trading partner and then hope the right QB is there when they feel confortable taking a QB.

Also, the kc fan base is going to freak out if kc goes into the draft without a QB (like Flynn or Vick) and then does not take a QB with the #1 pick. If Geno has a good combine, I think kc will be forced to draft him, even if Dorsey doesn't think he's the BPA. Again, it will be Reid's decision IMHO.

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