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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
They have no prospects to overvalue, which is another area where GMGM is doing a bang up job. Since the lockout, Neuwirth (who was pretty much a 1st rounder), Holtby, Eakin, and Perrault are the only non-1st round picks who have seen any serious NHL time. They're pretty much down to Kuznetsov (if he ever comes over) and Forsberg. 2 very high level prospects and complete crap after them. He's got to horde his nuts because it's not like they have anything in the pipeline to replace.

McPhee is like Kiki when he was the GM of the Nuggets, was able to clear the deck and set them up for a clean rebuild and get them to the playoffs, but he's unable to take them to the next level in the playoffs. He's too risk averse

Good point......
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