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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Maybe, but I doubt it. Since Manning was cut, he doesn't figure into the compensatory selection formula.

Denver lost:

Bunkley (5 yr $25 million)
Royal (3 yr $13.5 million)
Fells (3 yr $5.25 million)
Quinn (1 Yr $1 million)
Haggan (1 yr $890,000)
Larsen (2 yr $1.7 million)

Did Marcus Thomas sign somewhere?

We signed:

Porter (1 Yr $4 million)
Tamme (3 yr $9 million)
Dreesen (3 yr $8.5 million)
M. Adams (2 yr $2.4 million)
Hanie (2 yr $2.5 million)
Caldwell (2 yr $1.8 million)

Lost six guys, signed six guys. Granted, we lost more valuable players than we brought in, each player signed cancels out each player lost -- IIRC. So probably nothing, unless it is a late-rounder based on Bunkley's 5 year 25 million.
I dont think it's a sign for sign, and it depends on the level free agent signed. It wouldnt surprise me if we got a late rounder for Bunkley, i wasnt suggesting a third rounder.
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