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I've heard a lot that the refs call fewer penalties in the playoffs than in the regular season. It was true this year, there were 6.3 penalties for 53.2 yards per team per game in the regular season, and only 5.0 penalties for 40.1 yards per team per game in the playoffs. However (don't read unless you want to be angry):

SPOILER: ( Denver was the only team to be penalized more in the post season than in the regular season. Not by a little bit either.

We had 3.8 more penalties for 36.7 more yards. The next highest was Cincinnati, who had 1.2 FEWER penalties for 2.6 FEWER yards.

On average, the other 11 teams had 1.8 fewer penalties for 18.6 fewer yards than they had in the regular season.
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