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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Babylonians codefied law but they pretty much killed you any time you did anything wrong. It was simple but effective and had nothing to do with religion. It had to do with keeping order. Most would argue that is immoral. Not sure what point you're trying to make but it's doing more to make my point than yours. If your point is "everyone has some morals" I wouldn't disagree. I took issue with you suggesting "morals are essentially the same through time and history and aren't influenced by religion." That second point is categorically incorrect.
There is no evidence that morals shifted due to religion. Slavery, oppression of women, torture and ritual killings existed before and after the emergence of any major religion. The harming or killing of a member of your own society or the theft of the goods of others has been wrong in every society, before or after religion.

I am not saying that morals are the same through time and history - they clearly have changed. I am saying morals have not changed because of and are not dictated by religion. Morals have changed to accommodate changes in society due to technology, changes in population density and heterogeneity and the change from a primary need to a secondary need driven society.

The death sentence or the use of disfigurement or dismemberment was used quite universally due to the high cost and difficulties with incarceration. This is a commonality across the globe, you see it in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and North America in tribes and nations. At the time in a primary need driven society it wasn't feasible to remove a large number of able bodied adults from other tasks to watch over prisoners.
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