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AJ Smith!

Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
First, the biggest problem with the hof is that is voted on by sportswriters. Aka the Peter Kings.

Second. I don't get why they have to limit it to 5 (+2) each year. Whoever deserves to get in, should get in.
I have a solution.
You guys ever hear about the "night before" hi jinx that all the inductees get up to with this year's "new guys"?!? There is CLEARLY a large body of players who love and appreciate that their achievements have got them inducted to the Hall, ... their passion and pride needs to be put to use!

Combine each inducted class, giving them the same voting rights as the 32 clowns who are already voting.
NOBODY is more proud and more protective of Hall Of Fame induction than the players who are already inducted, let them have a voice and try to "right" all this **** that's currently wrong!
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