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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
I was just using that as an example; I know there were rumblings last year given that Dale Hunter loves Bobby Ryan.

I know the caps are full of excuses. It's either Mcphee is risk averse or Ted/Dick Patrick veto trades. I hear a lot about the latter being true.

There was speculation that the ducks wanted one of carlson/alzner and one of the goalies for Pronger. If they do that, they probably have a Cup. Let's not forget the half ass offer to Chara when he was a UFA.

It's an organization that is led by a cheap ass. I bet he wants to get rid of Ovechkin's contract more than anything else right now.

I have this feeling that the Vancouver rumored trade could be more shocking than people think.
The main issue with the Caps is they over value their prospects. They have been many that would have returned a good haul if traded a year earlier (pick a goalie, Semin, Green, etc). If Bobby Ryan would have required more than the Rangers gave Columbus, the Caps didn't have the ammo.
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