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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
The reasons why are pretty obvious. Don't even have to look that hard.

The Ravens were in freefall when Lewis announced. Then they went on an absolute tear.

Art dying this year. A legend in the league, even though he was a total douchebag when he left Cleveland the way he did.

The Harbowl.

With Eli not in the playoffs, the league couldn't have its Manning/Manning in New Orleans game they'd hoped for, so they went with the next-best thing. Retiring Ray Lewis, dead Art Modell, Harbowl. They can have Brady/Manning and Manning/Manning next year (and in New York!).

Not saying it WAS fixed, but there are plenty of reasons to fix it.
Again, The NFL does not need storylines. It's ****ing teflon. Even with all these concussions, the NFL is beyond popular. It would never ever risk its credibility to get...Ray Lewis a ring? Who gives a **** about Ray Lewis? A dead Art Modell? You think 90 percent of the people watching last night knows who Art Modell is?

What's a more compelling storyline to you? The most popular player in the NFl goes down, has 4 neck surgeries, and miraculously comes back to the next season to win a super bowl for a new team.....or Ray Lewis retiring?

Its absurd. Yes, the Ravens seemed to get the better officiating, but that could easily be explained away by coincidence. Hanlon's Razor...never assume malice for something that can easily be explained away by stupidity.
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