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AJ Smith!

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Gotta agree. What is the HoF about? It's about the best players to ever play the game on the professional level, get acknowledged for how great they played the game. period.

You can't win games without guards, sorry. Sure it's not as glamorous as other positions but all the oline positions are there for a reason.
Thanks for reading my post and realising I'm only using Will Shields to illustrate my point!

Ray Guy, Art Monk, Shannon Sharpe and Will Shields - ALL retired as the BEST to play their position, there is NOT a single "knock" against their records on field or their character off the field. (Fell free to correct me if anyone "knows something")
And yet, a bunch of pen pushing douchebags see it fit to "kick around" the careers and achievements of such phenomenal players!
If a guy is HoF calibre, set records, is a great MAN, ... vote him ****ing IN, first ballot (period)

I watched Art Monk's HoF speech live and got a tear in my eye when the fans there showed their disgust (at the system) and admiration (for Monk) via a SIX MINUTE standing ovation, it's still on of the greatest things I have ever seen.
But the tragedy in this - "My dad passed away a few years ago. He would have loved to have been here. He loved watching me play."
While these voters were screwing around for years, with who they induct and how teach class "looks", they screwed Art Monk out of something important.
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