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I don't know. I went back and watched some of the action at the line of scrimmage and I didn't see a lot of holding going on. Most of the time, Dumervil was simply being handled. Miller only rushed on about a third of the plays and he got close a few times, but you have to give Flacco credit for not getting phased.

Getting Yanda back was huge for the Ravens. I think their offensive line really did step it up and should get most of the credit for their success.That was especially important for a QB like Flacco who depends on the long ball.

It's almost impossible to win the SB without some luck. Sometimes, it comes in the form of an injury free year, or getting the right players back at the right time. They had that.

Sometimes you get really lucky with the draft and/or free agents. Their 3d round RB was a lot better than ours. But realistically, they were already a good team going into the season, having made it to the AFCCG the year before.

Sometimes it comes in the form of reduced competition, within the division and in the playoffs. Pittsburgh really faded this year and that helped them a bit, though I can't say the AFC North was worse than the abysmal AFC West. They had an easy first game against the Colts. They caught Denver at the right time, as well as the Pats.

And you certainly need some close calls to go your way on the field. They got those, in spades.And hearts and diamonds and clubs.

They were a good team that peaked at the right time and had an incredible amount of lopsided luck with the officials. So much and so often and at such critical times that it has a stink about it.
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