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Malik Jackson

The interesting question I have about the Chiefs is, will they trade for Alex Smith, or Matt Flynn, or keep their picks and draft a QB? Or will Reid just go with Cassel? If there's one guy who knows you have to have a QB in this league, it's Andy Reid. The question is, where will he go? I'm assuming Reid will stick with the WCO. He has the running game for it already built in with Charles at RB. I don't see him going to a spread. Bowe is more of a slant receiver so he fits better into the WCO, if they can resign him. The only question is, where will Reid go for the QB? I won't be surprised if he takes Barkley. There are two Matt Barkley's; Matt coached by Carroll, and Matt coached by Kiffin. Reid might just think the Carroll coached version of Barkley is just right for what he wants to do in KC.
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