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Originally Posted by Sideburn View Post
I could be incorrect, and actually probably am. But, If the hold had been called, since the penalty happened on a scoring play, they could have opted to have them enforce the 10 yards on the kick. That extra 10 yards could have made the tee'd up free kick an actual viable outcome. I'm not sure that this is how it would be enforced or if even legal to do so...
That would, then, apply to every holding or intentional grounding safety that ever happened, right? I've never seen that called, though.

Also, since it happened in the course of the play, the options would've been to take the penalty (in the endzone so a safety) or the outcome of the play (safety but holding declined) so I don't think you can say they took the holding and the outcome of the play at the same time. I hope that makes sense.
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