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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle View Post
Who do they have to trade for Ryan? Carlson and their next 10 1st rounders?
I was just using that as an example; I know there were rumblings last year given that Dale Hunter loves Bobby Ryan.

I know the caps are full of excuses. It's either Mcphee is risk averse or Ted/Dick Patrick veto trades. I hear a lot about the latter being true.

There was speculation that the ducks wanted one of carlson/alzner and one of the goalies for Pronger. If they do that, they probably have a Cup. Let's not forget the half ass offer to Chara when he was a UFA.

It's an organization that is led by a cheap ass. I bet he wants to get rid of Ovechkin's contract more than anything else right now.

I have this feeling that the Vancouver rumored trade could be more shocking than people think.
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