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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Good to get the win but they really went into a shell in that third period. Kunitz finally had a good effort for once which was nice. Neal has gone a little cold. Sid is really starting to shake off the rust now...2 straight games with 3 points and he could have had more. Despres is hurting the team right now I'd scratch him for awhile.

RedskinBronco I thought Ovie played very well...he was active and could have easily had multiple points. He really came alive in this game IMO.
I agree, his best game this year. You know the funny thing is people in DC are trashing him and getting on him and want him out. Sound familiar? Just like Murphy, Gonchar, etc. Guys who go elsewhere and help other teams win the Cup.

Ovechkin is surrounded with crap. His body language suggests he doesn't want to be here. He has gotten up for the past 2 games because I think he is embarrassed at his personal play a little bit, but of course you are going to be frustrated when you play with the likes of Beagle and Crabb .

He's going to blow up in another jersey. This organization is a **** show under Leonsis, Dick Patrick and Mcphee. Just a ****ed up organization that pissed away opportunities at the Cup, now they need to blow it up for sure.

I will say, you guys have good talent as always and offense is not the problem but I saw a lot of the same issues on your back end that I saw last spring. I think you have already conceded this season until you get D help but of course Shero is known for always pulling off great trades so I'm sure he will go out and get a D.

So far, I would say TB and Chicago are the most impressive teams but in this 48 game season; anything can happen so might as well go for it.

Caps and Flames are the absolute trash of the league. Just very poorly constructed teams with veterans who half ass, a mix of grinders and skill guys that have no clue how to play together.
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