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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I am curious, who on this team do you want to keep? It seems like every one of your posts is b****ing about a player not being worth being paid to be kept around.
If you have not noticed I'm not a cheerleader, nor am I rah rahing every UFA that is cut or will be.

I simply point out the obvious for those that want any and every warm body that might be a available.

Some needs to be realistic.

That said I'm a fan of the following Decker, DT, miller, unrien, Bannan, Vickerson, Beadles, Franklin, Walton, Champ, Harris, Woodyard, Kuper(although I think he will never be the same guy he was few years ago) and Manning to name a few.

I do not believe in keeping folks that are over paid for their job or want more than they are worth(being deter mental to the team because they make to much) of which Champ, Doom and Manning come close to falling into that area.

I'm a fan of the team not individuals. If and when Any player that puts his well being in front of the team then he can leave and was happy to see shefter, cutlet and BM leave a few years ago.

They were me first guys. Frankly I think John has unloaded all the rest. All the while drafting team captains, and smart players. Perhaps not all the best at their positions but those guys also try harder.

I'm rooting for Garland to make the team this year.
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