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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
The Bible is the most scrutinized text in the history of the world, and no one has proven it to be fiction, ever!

as for the rest of your post, it's not even worth addressing.

Your kidding right ? Your proof thats its real is you have no proof ?

Typical religious nonsense like when thousands of people are killed it was god's plan ............

As for the rest of my post you can't justify being pro life and also fighting against common sense gun proposlas to save lives.

Also no way in hell republican so called conservatives are religious when they force some poor raped woman to conceive and they propose to throw poor people and old people under the bus.

Your Bible teachs to take care of you fellow man not just when its convenient to do so..............

Parting of the red sea and the great

You are gullible.

Regardless conservatives religion when it comes to politics is BS...........they use only when it suits their purposes.

That is not what is taught in the good book.
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