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Von Miller

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
I see your lack of success and raise you the Carolina hurricanes, Tampa bay lightning, Anaheim mighty ducks, who all won the cup, and within a few years had half empty buildings once again.

There is a difference between a hockey city like Edmonton who has been worst team in the league for what 4 or 5 years ? yet still sells out every single seat, and not a hockey city like pissburg where when the teams not winning the stands sit empty, 2 bankruptcies prove that.

Last year there was talk of Edmonton moving to Seattle, if bettman doesnt bed over backwards to help them get a rink in Edmonton after the way he has gone out of the way for useless franchises like pissburg and Phoenix I will be done with the NHL.
Valid point. Edmonton is a lot different than Phoenix though. We all know Canadians live, eat and sleep hockey. It's like most teams in America though..if the team isn't doing well the seats are generally pretty empty. When the team was so bad for so many years its hard for a team to get any fan support. I know it be hard for me to want to spend any money on tickets etc if the team was constantly one of the worse teams in the league. At least Edmonton has won some cups and been around for a long time to gain support. Phoenix had done zero up until the past few years. Last year you could see how the fans are once they put a quality product on the ice. The games I've watched this year they seem to have most seats filled as well.
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