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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Where on earth did you come to that conclusion? There are no rules in opinions. Context and circumstance have everything to do with determining value. MVP is far more than production based. If it were simply a game of numbers there would be no way any players outside of QB's would win it. TD won the MVP partially because of numbers, but mostly due to the circumstances of those numbers. Defending champ, SB MVP, and being the catalyst for an incredible team season (one where Elway was in and out of the line up). Again, if he had those numbers and it was the 2000 season, he wouldn't have won it. Just like when guys like Jamal Lewis and Chris Johnson didn't win MVP in their 2000 yard seasons. Yet when Barry Sanders did it, his body of work was taken into account, and he still had to share it with Brett Favre.
I'll take your word for it. Arguing that is just going to feel like work at the end and nothing will get accomplished.
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