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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I'm sure you can find a quote of mine then that says AP doesn't deserve MVP.

Also you are a fool to think scoring points is a individual stat. NFL football games are won and lost by scoring points. The difference in points TD scored then AP would have put the Vikings from 20th PPG to 6th. Yet you seem to think that AP's 1 yard per carry average is the more important team stat.
Points aren't scored (or not scored) in a vacuum. If player X doesn't score, player Y might. If player X does, player Y never gets a chance. Bettis, late in his career, was a TD machine but nobody'd consider him an MVP of any of those teams. He just took the ball at the one and punched it in. If he hadn't existed, the ball wouldn't have just been turned over or something.

In Moss' big TD year, there were often times when they'd go 3 times to him at the goal line. That doesn't mean that if he hadn't been there, the team would've just scored 120+ points less. They'd have gotten most of those points just the same.
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