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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Well I can play that dumb game too.

Quick name me the last 2000 yard rusher that was the SB champion. Surely they must correlate well, right?

Now go do your research. I have no idea who it is but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that TD was the last time it happened. Individual success does not necessarily equal team success.

I can tell you that Shaun Alexander and Randy Moss both lead the NFL in scoring and made it to the SB. Have any 2000 yard rushers made it to the SB since TD?

Judging by the fact that 3 2000 yard rushers failed to make it to the SB and at least two league leaders in TDs have played in the SB I think it safe to say that scoring points for the team helps more then individual rushing yards.
You can keep trying to obscure it how you want but the point exists that if Peterson isn't deserving of his, TD wasn't deserving of his.
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