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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
When it comes to fundamentals he's as sound as any, but he's struggling mightily to gel with his line mates. He's on a line with Jeff Skinner, and Zach Dalpe; both young energetic guys. Jordan has feed some really nice centering passes that Skinner couldn't connect on (he dosent have a great one timer). They had a good stretch against Buffalo(2) and Boston, but they've cooled down quite a bit.

The line to look out for is Eric Staal, Alexander Semin, and Jiri Tlusty. Everyone was worried that Sasha was a "shoot first guy", but he's been dishing sweet feeds to Staal all over the ice. When that line is out there with McBain, and Pitkanen they are absolutely leathal.

Congrats to Sutsy on his first goal as a Penguin. I think you guys got the better end of that deal.
Sutter was amazing defensively the first few games but has come down to earth since then.
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