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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
So for those whining about Manning being robbed or it being ignorance of Denver, explain the major difference why Manning deserved it over Peterson when Davis got it over Cunningham in '98.

Cunningham came in for his first year starting (he had been riding the bench the previous year rather than injured), took over for a team that had won a wildcard game the previous year, and led his team to a 15-1 record while maintaining a 106 passer rating. Manning, meanwhile, took over for a team that had won a wildcard game the previous year and led his team to a 13-3 record while maintaining a 105.8 passer rating.

On the other side, Davis carried the ball 392 times at 5.1 YPC for a total of 2008 yards. Peterson, meanwhile, carries it only 348 times (44 times less) for a whopping 6 yards per carry for a total of 2097 yards and he's not playing behind anyone comparable to John Elway.

Now, if Peterson doesn't deserve his, how the F did TD deserve his? Would you give back TD's to get Peyton one?

TD sat out after the Broncos had several of their games in his 2,008 yards rushing would have been much more had he played the entire game instead of watching Vaughn Hebron and Derek Loville run out the clock of a typical 31-19 blowout.

Cunningham had a great year, but the problem he had was the perception that he just heaved numerous jump balls to Randy Moss who made great catches vs. Randall making great throws.
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