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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Everyone knows running wins in the playoffs... high passing offenses are only successful in the regular season.
This hasn't been true in a decade. Last year the Patriots and Giants were ranked 2nd and 4th in passing offense and 20th and dead last in rushing offense respectively. Guess which team won the Super Bowl?

The year before that neither Super Bowl team had a rushing offense in the top ten and the Packers, who won, finished with the 4th ranked passing offense and 20th ranked rushing offense.

In fact going back ten years, the overwhelming majority of super bowl teams had offenses that favored their passing game over their running game and usually by a wide margin. The few teams that had better running games all had elite defenses (Pittsburgh, Giants in '07).

So you're wrong. The running game has actually proven to be completely unnecessary and shown no help in getting to and winning playoff games ahead of a good passing game and a good defense.
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