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You make great points all through this thread but the fact is Denver's defense is just not ready for primetime. If we ran it great we would still get gashed by Flacco. They came in to win that game, we played scared.
I think it's all about windows... windows as in your team has to think long term. Look at the Giants and Packers.. they looked like world beaters recently and then they didn't.

No team is going to be perfect in this era of parity. You just have to be prepared when things come together. If the Broncos were really ready to win now then Peyton wouldn't have to carry them. And he's not capable of carrying them through the post season now... I don't know if he ever was.. now he really isn't.

I think Tebow had more of a chance because he is built to take the brutality that you have to take for a whole season these days especially carrying a less than great team. AND the Broncos could have been building for the future.. getting better.
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