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And RGIII has a serious knee injury in his rookie year. The option offense will not go away but these running QB will soon learn you need to throw the ball from the pocket and compliment the option offense

Tebow is too slow to run the pistol and can't throw from the pocket

Kap and Wilson has shown they can throw from the pocket

With RGIII, jury is still out after his knee injury will take away some of his running effectiveness and the skinny post will not be there on 1st and 2nd down.
Kaep is on a great team... sure his speed looks great on a great team but on a bad team he would get destroyed.. he looks really thin. You have to remember.. a lot of these guys wouldn't even have survived in the SEC like Tebow did let alone the NFL. Tebow's problem was Fox though.. Fox HELPED the defense attack Tebow the way he played offensively.

It's so terrible Tebow gets blamed for Fox's horrific lack of ability... Same thing with Sparano and Rex..

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