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I haven't watched a minute of playoff football since the Ravens game and that won't change today. Nor have I been able to pay any attention to neither coaching changes, nor draft talk. It just irks me the way it all went down. it's one thing the refs made 8-10 blatant errors all favoring the Ravens, it's another that so many players failed to play to the level they had all year and a third that our coaching staff resembled a deer caught in the headlights, but all three at once left med in utter football depression. At times by habit I've checked in with various websites, but every time I've gone on immediately annoyed by some newsbit reminding me of the game.

It's odd, since normally I enjoy the playoffs even after the Broncos are eliminated, there's even a certain quality in being a neutral spectator, being able to focus on the game coolheaded, but this year, I simply can't move on. There's even been times where I've wondered whether this feeling would linger for next season, but for the first time today, I got mildly excited about a football article.

Terrell Davis, one of only seven 2,000 yard rushers and a winner of two Super Bowls and a Super Bowl MVP, is not a finalist despite owning three of the top 18 rushing performances in playoff history while no other player appears more than once on that list. Davis surpassed 100 yards rushing in seven playoff games and averaged 142.5 yards in eight career postseason games. Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith, for example, also has seven career 100-yard playoff games, but he needed 17 games to accomplish it He also averaged just 93.3 yards a game.
The knock on Davis is that a knee injury cut short his career to seven seasons and 78 games. Limited, no doubt. Yet that's 10 more games than Gale Sayers, who is in the Hall of Fame. And if you insist on telling me that Mike Shanahan consistently churned out 1,000-yard rushers with the Broncos, please tell me why none of them but Davis reached the 1,800- and 2,000-yard plateaus. It's because Davis is special.
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