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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You are not hearing me. I never mentioned the solar wind.

What I'm saying is that electrical currents (electrons) can and do flow from the sun to the planets -- and that this is the source of the electricity in lightning.
You're full of ****. We both know you are talking about the "Electric Universe theory" which indeed does idiotically claim the solar wind is electrically charged.

In other words, much of the sun's output is electrical -- in addition to visible light, x-rays etc

With regard to earth -- the electricity collects in the ionosphere -- then some of it works its way down through the atmosphere by a process that is not yet understood. We see it in the form of lightning.

These electrical currents could be measured if you placed your equipment properly. In short -- the idea could be tested.

I'm still waiting for you or someone to explain the source of the electricity in lightning. Now that the static charging model is dead -- there is no model.

Lot's more bull****. Where's the evidence to back your position?
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