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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
The reason we don't get any love from the HOF is because Bronco fans don't care about anyone pre 1996. It took a Monumental effort by Tom Mackie to get Floyd in, he gets him in and Bronco fans weren't even excited. I made the trek, those of us who went were dedicated Floyd fans who had great memories of him. The "kiddies" here didn't care because they didn't watch him play. He was a Bronco for ****s sake! I have researched guys before my time pre-1973ish. Guys like Rich "Tombstone" Jackson who deserve to be in the HOF.

BTW Jeff Legwold is the Denver reporter who did Floyd's presentation to the HOF. I can't remember if he is the only Denver reporter with a vote or if Woody has one also.
I can dig that but it is not a fan vote. It is all sports writers and since 70% or so are from east of the mississippi, we play late games at least half of our schedule and we play in the AFCW against usually poor teams. There is little if NO interest in watching our games READ players.

Unless we happen to play the sports writers team or it's inter divisional teams it is likely that they will see more than 3 of our games a year if they see any of them at all.

Sports writers as we all know are lazy hacks and loads of them are drunk on their ass by the time we play n the late game.

Unless they have to report on who we are playing they are going home to either the BAR or wife and kiddies.

Plus if one of thos guys that played against their home team gets in it adds to the odds of their players getting votes.

Does anyone really think that if John had not won a Lombardi that he would have been a first ballot guy? For that matter had Zimmerman not played for the Vikings for most of his career he would have been voted if he would have just played in DEN.

Face it folks DEN is to most folks in the US a backwater hick town next to a ski slope.

I have lived on the east coast, STL, CHI(breifly) and the west coast and the broncos are not mentioned in the sports pages other than the box score. While you all may not believe me , if you travel or if anyone from out of town will do so search the sports pages for bronco information.

Report back what you see. It will shock most of you about how irrelevant they are.

Had it not been for Manning signing with us just how many games would we have gotten the "A TEAM" announcers this past year.

Unless we play a biggie team from the EAST coast or a division leader we suck hind teat for exposure.

BTW you are correct way to many kiddies that do not have a clue about before TD.
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