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One that's clearly way over your head. If you'd actually take the time to read the article before posting your silly criticisms you wouldn't come across looking so foolish.
Yes, the genius of Ezra Klein is truly beyond most of us. Maybe all of us. He's an economic idiot savant. Or at least the first part.

Oh, and what even this Factcheck graph doesn't tell you? 2009's budget was passed by a Democratic Congress and then held until Obama took office to sign it in January. A Democratic Congress and Obama presided over the largest increase in Federal spending since World War II. Your buddy Ezra just lopped off the front edge of the jump in spending and then focused on "percentage change" (as if that mattered) in a poorly-executed shell game.

"Well yeah, we're spending more than ever, but that doesn't matter because once we blew up spending, we didn't keep blowing it up as fast as when we started!"

Fact is, our federal government spent the last 4 years spending more than ever and the only thing we have to show for it is a double dip.

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